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 Jouvens Jean and Melissa Francois




by Jouvens Jean & Melissa Francois



YON TI EPIS” (“A LITTLE BIT OF SPICE”), takes the readers on an imaginative journey of traditional Haitian cuisine to a place of reinterpretation from the authors perception of the cuisine. The authors are two professional chefs of Haitian origin who have added their “je ne se quoi” to their traditional family recipes in order to exemplify the cuisine’s exotic flavors. The magical appeal of Haitian cuisine is in its very unpretentious nature. The flavors are bold and robust. The cuisine demonstrates a primary influence of African culinary aesthetic with a derivative of Taino, Spanish techniques and a touch of French sophistication. This eclectic cuisine originates from a blend of several culinary styles. Haitian cuisine carries a uniqueness and an appeal that is intriguing to all that have sampled it. Peppers and herbs are often used as flavor enhancers. Thus, dishes are seasoned in a liberal fashion that captivates the palate. The authors have taken some of their family’s humble recipes and added “YON TI EPIS” to them as to translate the cuisine through their creative lens.


White Sheet

Few can claim to have come out on the Food Network’s popular show “Chef Wanted” and ended up being the chosen one. Fewer still have also emerged victorious on the same network’s notoriously competitive show, “Cutthroat Kitchen”. To solidify his champion status, he was invited for a third time on the network to battle Bobby Flay on his show “Beat Bobby Flay”. Throw in “Bahamian born, U.S. raised, Haitian origin, and international travel exposure” and you end up with the recipe of acclaimed Chef Jouvens Jean. His experience has allowed him to effortlessly transcend in the culinary industry. He’s open countless restaurants and hotels in a number of countries, he’s taught culinary students in the U.S., China and the Caribbean, he’s won numerous awards and accolades and despite all of his accomplishments he is still able to remain humble. Despite being well versed in a variety of culinary concepts, the food of Haiti plays a central role in his culinary mastery. Chef Jouvens has become one of Haitian cuisine’s biggest exponents and innovators. This desire to push the cuisine forward is tempered by his profound respect for its principles, and unpretentious nature. He has spearheaded a variety of projects in Haiti, one of which he’s extremely passionate about, The Chef Jouvens Foundation. Concretely the foundation’s main focus is concentrated on the youths of Haiti. His theory behind creating the foundation is that even if he can’t change the world he hopes to inspire the mind that will.

 Jouvens Jean 

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Born in Port au Prince Haiti to humble beginnings her incisive passion for cooking led her to attend the Culinary Art of America in Hyde Park New York. After graduating from CIA in the summer of 2009 she relocated to South Florida to learn the ins and outs of the food and beverage operation. After several years she moved back to New York City to be closer to family and held her first major kitchen position as the Sous Chef at a well-known family owned restaurant. In 2013 she was struck with the affinity to explore her Haitian heritage, which led her to a pilgrimage back to the motherland where it all began. While in Haiti she was at the helm of some of the top hotels in the country. She branched out on her own and opened Apielo Restaurant, named from the initials of her three children. Apielo was her reflection of Haitian Cuisine intertwined with her artistic prowess. The restaurant quickly caught the attention of the community and successfully received rave reviews from local and international patrons. The restaurant administered a program for local community to teach them the versatility of the use of Haitian food products. While in Haiti she participated in a number of culinary charity events and in her spare time she volunteered her time in after school program for mentoring young girls in needs. Coming back full circle, in 2018 she participated in a dinner at the James Beard House in New York in honor of Haitian heritage month.

Melissa Francois

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